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Weekend Gift Giving!

This past weekend, we celebrated 2 birthdays! And in keeping with my philosophy of giving a little something handmade to everyone, here are the handmade gifts that were given this weekend.

First up, a man’s scarf …

My inspiration came from Vickie Howell’s color card scarf. It’s a free downloadable pattern which includes crochet and knitting instructions. I loved the idea of the stripes and how they coordinate but don’t necessarily match or follow a definitive pattern (well they do, but not at first glance!). Even though I love the colors she used, I wanted more manly colors, which I found with Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice 100% acrylic yarn. So … I varied the length of the stripes (4 l/2”, 1 1/4”, 3”, 1 1/4”, repeat … ), used Vickie’s “mistake rib stitch,” used Vanna’s yarn in 13 different colors (one skein each), added fringe using all the colors, and ta da!

I also made another iPad cover. Just like the two I made as Christmas gifts, I used this Red Heart pattern. Once again, free downloadable instructions, so you can’t beat that and I had some leftover yarn which I used!

iPad goes in …

and the cover closes with two buttons.

The recipient of this gift refers to it as an iPad sweater, but whatever you call it, it protects your iPad when it’s not being used.

And the last handmade gift was a Kindle cover. This pattern came from Little Birdie Secrets. Here’s a close up of the “moss stitch,” which shows up very nicely when a solid color yarn is used. (Sorry for the glare … the color is actually a very pretty burnt orange.)

I followed Little Birdie’s instructions right up to the end when you fold the case and stitch the sides. I really liked how the iPad case joined the front and back and even though the Kindle case is made as one piece and then folded in such a way that a flap is created at the top, I decided to simply fold the piece in half and use the joining method from the Red Heart pattern. Voila! A sweater, er cover, for a Kindle.

Temperatures fell this weekend and it finally feels like winter. I’ll take unseasonably warm any day, but perhaps the freezing temps will kill the stomach virus that’s running rampant in our area. As for me, I’ll be inside, keeping busy … and warm. Have a great week!

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Handmade gifts for Christmas 2011

I made a few gifts this Christmas but was unable to share them in this blog because many (all?) of my followers would be recipients of these gifts. So now that the gift giving is over and there’s no surprise to spoil, here’s one of the gifts I made … iPad covers! My two business partners received iPads this Christmas and, while there are numerous screen protectors/covers out there, I knew a handmade one would be appreciated. I found this pattern on the Red Heart site and started crocheting. (Just a suggestion to the Red Heart company … this pattern should be called “iLove my iPad case”). You’ll notice I didn’t put the crocheted red heart on the front of the cases I made, but then again my website is 54pineapples, not Red Heart! The first one I made was this one in a pretty rose “tweed” yarn.

The stitch sequence results in a soft nubby texture. The iPad goes in …

and there’s a button closure.

The yarn for the second one was shades of blue, green, purple, and some winter white.

Again, the soft nubby texture combined nicely with the variegated color scheme and pretty lavender buttons added just the right touch.

As you can see, this case is just a little thicker than the iPad itself and offers a lot of protection, especially from dust and fingerprints.

Anyone out there who also received an iPad this holiday season?

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