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A baby shower/baby gift recap …

I was having trouble figuring out why I was so weary this past week and then I thought about all I’ve been working on in anticipation of the baby shower I hosted last weekend and realized that might be the cause … Here’s one more glimpse of my handmade treasures that brought me so much happiness while I was working on them …

The invitation!

Diaper wreaths!

One wreath had crocheted booties … 

And one wreath had crocheted bath “scrubbies” … 

One book mobile,

three decoupaged bird houses,

and three bird houses made from folded book pages!

Then there’s book garland

and paper covered composition books for favors for the guests!

For the baby, crocheted mock crocs

and crocheted cowboy boots!

and crochet appliqued onesies!

Photos of two more projects coming soon … a book page wreath and a book page posy for the mommy-to-be!

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More birdhouses …

… made from books! But first, a BIG thank you to Red Hen Home for her tutorial on how to make these adorable book birdhouses! I made 3 of these; two from your average run-of-the-mill paperback novels and one from a larger, more colorful book. Here are the results:

Up close photo of the folded rooftops …

and here’s the two little ones, that show the two roof variations …

These will make adorable additions to my book-themed baby shower decorations!  Coming soon … more decorations made using books AND my response to those who are offended by using books to make decorations …

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Busy as the proverbial bee!

My sewing maching has NOT been humming lately, something I hope to remedy this weekend. However, I haven’t been sitting around eating bon bons. I have simply redirected my focus from fabric to paper! Before I share what I’ve been working on, I must once again issue a spoiler alert … PLEASE don’t read any further if you’re the honoree of the aforementioned baby shower!

The theme for the shower is books, and first up, I want to share these adorable Golden Book bird houses I made for decorations! I found Danny Seo’s eco-friendly blog and this post in particular which includes a video of his appearance on the Today Show (you need to scroll down because I think it’s the 3rd clip down). Danny talks about “artful upcycling” and one of his projects was covering a wooden bird house with a book. I bought 3 unfinished wooden birdhouses at Michael’s and voila!! This project is super easy. I haven’t decoupaged anything in awhile, but still had some Mod Podge in my craft supply stash. Mod Podge is the most forgiving, easy to work with glue! Here are some photos of my finished birdhouses …

Tom and Jerry’s Party bird house:

The Saggy Baggy Elephant bird house:

And the Bambi bird house:

A photo showing the back view of the 3 bird houses …

And a view of the bottoms, just in case I want to hang them! My favorite is the bottom of the Saggy Baggy Elephant … isn’t he adorable?

I loved making these and continue having a blast preparing for the baby shower. Stay tuned for my next post about another book inspired decoration coming soon!

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More Baby Shower Projects

Before I made the diaper wreaths that I shared in my last post, I made invitations for the baby shower! I have been making all my cards for almost 6 years now and my Christmas cards for 10 years. I splurged on blank cards, paper, and ribbon from the Paper Source for these. I bought a flat card in the color “pool” and rubber stamped and embossed the blank invitation.

I pinked the edges using my trusty pinking shears. The I cut pieces of this pretty baby footprint vellum paper to cover the info, but leave a border of blue showing.

I pinked the edges of the vellum as well. Then, I punched two holes at the top and used some pretty silver ribbon to make a little bow at the top, holding both pieces of paper together. In reality, the silver bow looks nicer than in the photo because it complements the irridescence of the vellum paper.

And then on the back, I added some pertinent information

Ta da!

If you have some time, check out Sew Like My Mom and read this post Sophie Sews. Adorable 3 year old Sophie, sewing a quilt on a Hello Kitty sewing machine, with her grandmother. I still remember my first sewing project, but I was much older than 3! I was in high school and my mom had helped me cut out a skirt and top. I was anxious to get started sewing, but she didn’t have a chunk of time that day to supervise me. She and my dad were going to a wedding that afternoon … so I decided to get started on my own. As I remember it, I didn’t do too badly. I remember wearing the outfit, so it must have turned out all right!

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What I’ve Been Up To!

SPOILER ALERT! If you are going to be giving birth to my grandchild very soon or are directly responsible for your wife very shortly giving birth to my grandchild, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

I’ve been very busy around here planning a baby shower! It’s like a mini-Christmas, but possibly more fun! All the same ingredients are there: shopping for gifts, making gifts, wrapping gifts, decorating, and baking.

I’ve got lots of things to show you, but I’ll start today with these two diaper wreaths I made for decorations. Now, there are hundreds of diaper wreath tutorials out there and I probably checked out every one of them for inspiration, so THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to blog about theirs. Here’s what I did … 

I started with a foam wreath and a package of Newborn Pampers Swaddlers …

I kept putting on diapers and pushing them together to get as many as possible on there and to cover the green wreath.

Next, I put a little something in every other diaper’s rubber band, and tied a ribbon around the remaining rubber bands, like so. 

I tied slightly wider ribbon around the other diapers, rubber bands, and baby items.

I tucked in a couple handmade baby items, like a pair of crocheted booties

and some crocheted bath scrubbies.

I used double sided tape to tuck in some smaller items like grape scented boogie wipes!

Lastly, I wrapped some ribbon around the center of a diaper and used it as a foundation for the wreath’s bow.

And, ta da! Wreath #1

and Wreath #2

I had a blast making these!

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Hot off the presses … uh … sewing machine!

Just added to our etsy shop - 54pineapples - these adorable onesies for babies. Some are the same appliques we’ve done before, but in different colors! And some are brand new appliques! Have a look …

Seahorses for baby boys …

Cars in new colors …

A tweedy looking tie for the little gentleman …

An octopus for the baby boy … 

And pink stars with contrasting center swirls for the baby girl starring in you life …

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