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54pineapples baby shower gift for a delighted Mommy-to-be  … a baby wave-ghan (or should that be wavy baby-ghan?). Crocheted both of these patterns several times and love them! The afghan is Waves of Color Ripple by Paula Longshore and the hat is Tutti Frutti, pattern by The Hat and I. Both patterns are great fun to make. The afghan is crocheted in the back loop only, which creates a lovely textural finished piece. And the corkscrews are an adorable addition to the striped cap.

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54pineapples Crochet Memory Lane … I crocheted this afghan over 30 years ago and it has certainly stood the test of time. It’s a classic design, and is wonderfully warm and comfy. The pattern is from a Coats and Clark Red Heart pamphlet that I still have! But it is also available on Ravelry! So happy that this pattern is still available. What an homage to the classic art of crochet! Or is that the classiness of the art of crochet? Who says it can’t be both?!

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